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these two simple words are the best explanation of what Earthlinks are.
Of what we are.

Earthlinks home was established by two wanderers and vegan souls on a mission to transform life into fun, easy going, peaceful and a balanced act of living. Why “act of living”? Because as you live you set your footprint. Your existence is significant. And with that thought in mind, we wanted to create a space where you can learn how to tune in. Become more aware of your physical and your spiritual. We wanted to open our home to people in search of something better, more real. For people that appreciate nature and what it has to offer.

We want to prove to you that vegan foods are amazing, fresh and full of taste and don't consist of only salads. All of your delicious meals here are 100% plant based and created for you by an international chef with years of experience in UAE. So whether your vegan journey has only just started or its already a way of life, you will always find mouthwatering dishes and snacks to satisfy your cravings. During your stay you will also have an option to do a 3 day juicing created and designed especially for you and your needs with our nutritionist. See how your body responds to boosts of vitamins and how your mind clears leaving you with indefinite energy.

We try to run Earthlinks in the most sustainable way we can, therefore it is important that you know that our solar panels heat your water, we use only glass bottles, filter our own water and limit our use of chemicals and use of the laundry. We segregate any waste we might have, keeping in mind that we strive to be on a "0" waste policy.

Because we feel like big groups might make you feel detached from the full experience our retreat consists of 6-10 people, therefore giving you an individual approach and care. Our team will be here to support you throughout the whole stay. Our yoga teachers will navigate your way as per your body needs and our surf instructors will teach you in groups of two.

So we invite you to leave your worries, wifi and anxiety behind and find the connection with the food you eat, people you come across and moments that are meant to be shared offline.

Feel connected. Learn how TO CARE. owners.JPG

When we first set on our journey we didn't know where the road was going to take us. We travelled. We lived. Breathed in. Breathed out. Always learning. Always evolving. Always knowing what we want and just collecting the puzzles along the way.

And then we found ourselves in serendipity land. Before Sri Lanka, before Ceylon - this place was once 'Serendip'. A spot where you will get lost so that you can be found. A place governed by different set of rules. A place where there are no coincidences. Where everything's meant to be.
We came here once. Twice. Thrice... We stayed.  srilanka .jpg

Here we are again. This time for a while. Not a mere second. With a decision made. Steps taken. We land. We meet familiar faces. Friends. We see THE house. We fall in love with it. We start this journey. This time inviting you in.  pure.jpg

Our Colonial Villa is located amidst the Hikkaduwa jungle on the south of Sri Lanka. It's a perfect getaway for those who love sounds of wild nature and want to spend relaxing time with like minded people surrounding yourself with yoga teachings, meditation, full on vegan cuisine. See how much this place has to offer.

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