frequently asked questions

How can I join the retreat?

Simply fill out the form on the website. We will contact you via email and arrange all the details regarding your booking and stay!

How can I pay?

We encourage you to do a traditional money transfer from your bank account with the use of platform. It is safe, fast and reliable, and their transfer fees are even 8x smaller than those offered by your bank. We've tried this many times and it works just great. We have a special invitation link for you so you get a free international transfer of up to £500.

It is also possible to pay directly from our website using PayPal financial services. This option is also fast and reliable, however as the total transfer fees are high, it makes us bump up the final price a little.

What are the terms of payment?

All prices shown in the packages section are per person. We require you to pay at least 50% deposit to secure your stay maximum 48h after your booking; the balance is to be paid at least 4 weeks before your arrival date. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if the deposit or the balance is not paid in time. The deposit is non refundable and bookings within 4 weeks of the arrival date must be paid in full.

Is there a cancellation policy?

If a cancellation is made a full month prior to check-in, we offer a 50% refund of your accommodation fee (balance, minus deposit), excluding pre-booked classes and treatments. Unfortunately, there are no refunds if you cancel within the 14 days prior to arrival.
The return is done up to 30 days (maximum) after the date of your retreat.

Okay, great! So how do I get there?

First of all you need to get yourself to Colombo or Mattalla Airport.
To get from Colombo airpot to Hikkaduwa you can:

1. Take the train which has amazing scenery on the way!
2. Take a bus - at least 4 hours, (but not the most comfy)
3. take a taxi - around 3 hours
4. Or, ask us to arrange a driver, to secure the most safe, comfy and cost effective travel!

Do I need an Entrance Visa?

Yes, you will need a visa to enter Sri Lanka, however in 2019 the Government approved a free on-arrival visa for tourists from 45 countries, including Poland, UK, Germany, Sweden, USA, Australia, Singapore, available from the 1st of August 2019 till February 2020. Please check if your country is listed. If not, you can purchase entrance visa easily via an official Sri Lankan Government website here: Please use that link as it leads you the only official, held by Sri Lanka’s Government website with no additional charges and hidden payments. It is safe, fast and secure.

I can’t go to the retreat, can I put someone in my place?

Yes, we are flexible when it comes to any arrangements, please let us know as far in advance as you can!

Should I bring anything with me?

There's really no need to bring anything other then comfortable and airy clothes, some yoga pants and a bathing/surfing suit. Be sure to pack a high factor sunscreen, too!

Can I bring a pet?

Generally Earthlinks is a pet-friendly community. However enquiries need to be agreed by us individually, taking into consideration a kind of a pet that you want to travel with, the way you gonna handle the care of your puppy during your stay and will it bother and influence other guests’ comfort. We’ll sure you’ll understand!.

Can I take kids?

At theEarthlinks we will have family retreats as well as solo and couple retreats. Simply follow our website and social or drop us a line and find out more!

Are there towels and bedding available at the retreat?

Yes, there are towels as well as bedding provided at the spot, so no need to bring your own.

Any Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do offer high-speed web connection. SSID: EnjoyEarthlinks, Password: betterstayoffline
According to house rules, at Earthlinks wifi is available only in the early mornings and late evenings. However, on your entrance, we will provide you with a local sim card with additional 1GB data package.

Can I use my phone?

Yes, you may use your phone however we would request that you keep your phones mute, off or leave them in your room to enjoy your time offline and not to disturb other guests comfort.

What sim card should I get for my internet?

If you want to use a local sim card while you stay in Sri Lanka it is best to use Dialog network.
You can purchase it easily on the airport once you land or get it at any shop in Hikkaduwa.
Or wait just a little so our driver will pass the one, that we’ve prepared especially for you. :-)

How far is to the closest beach?

Usually the way to the closest beach takes around 6 minutes walk or 3 minutes when done by bike or a tuk-tuk. The closes lake, which is amazing, is 200m from Earthlinks villa. It take a minute to get there.

What is the name of the beach closest to Earthlinks?

The closest beach is a 6 minutes walk away, that's 3 minutes by bike or tuk-tuk. Next to is Pathuwattha beach which is a great surfing spot and beautiful place to spend whole day and relax. You can also visit Hikkaduwa beach just few minutes away which is a very popular spot to hang out.

Are there any animals around?

Sri Lanka is a very rich place when it comes to wildlife. At Earthlinks villa you will come across some lizards, parrots, monkeys, birds and many others. No worries, they keep their distance and will not harm or bother you in any way. Just let them be and enjoy watching their daily rituals.

Can I use the washing machine?

Usually we prepare fresh linen for you at the beginning at the retreat and use the washing machine every 5 days. However if there’s a need for laundry we can easily cover it. We charge 5 Euro for one entry.

Is there Air Conditioning in the rooms?

We have fans, which keep the room temperature comfortable but not cold. Keep in mind that the house is fully sustainable, so - for a reason - we do not offer AC cooled rooms. 

Is there an off-season in Sri Lanka?

Peak surfing season, where the water is best for surfing and there’s little rain, is October through to April. During the months of April-October it is a lower season in the South, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees and some amazing and tropical 1-2 hours of rain during a day. However, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the water in our pool, and do yoga in our dedicated, sheltered Shala, so you won’t miss out on any of the activities on offer and get the full retreat experience!

I have my own sports equipment. Can I take it with me?

When it comes to surfing we have the equipment you will use, however if you want to bring your board with you then of course you can! If by any chance you are into kite surfing you will find that Sri Lankan waters and winds are perfect for this sport as well and you can always take your gear with you and try it out here. As a certified kiters, we will help you with all of launching and landing procedures. As for weather forecasts we are using Windy aplication with GFS+ profile as a confirmed by us and the most accurate. The closest to us beaches are: Washmaschienne aka Surf Beach, Hikkaduwa Beach, Narigamma or Galle Beach. You can also always ask us about the wind conditions, just call Jack for more info.

What's the temperature?

Temperatures in Sri Lanka are pretty stable. It is always between 25-32 Celsius degrees with slightly cooler mornings and evenings.

What is the currency?

Sri Lankan national currency is Lankan Rupee (LKR).
1000 LKR = 8 AUD or 5,5 USD or 5 EUR or 4,5 GBP
The easiest way to check and calculate the currency rates is via currency.xe website.
They also have mobile app, that we find very useful in our everyday life.

Are there ATMs?

There are ATMs available every 500m and the service charge is usually 400 LKR (2 USD).

Can I pay with credit card in shops, bars or restaurants?

Yes, you can. Most popular cards systems, like Visa or Mastercard, are honoured in almost all of the places. However, please bear in mind that at Earthlinks we accept only cash.

What if I have an emergency?

The local health service is of a high standard and is extremely cheap.If you do need to see a doctor quick, there are several great hospitals and private health clinics in Galle town. It takes around 20 minutes to get there. The private centers offer both world class equipment and services, however for a general diagnosis public hospitals are also good. Please check also website for up to date advice regarding health issues in travel.

Do I need to have a travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is essential for all travelers hence you absolutely must have travel/health insurance to stay with us, including cover for surfing. Please bear in mind, that if you don’t we can’t let you stay with us. Earthlinks does not provide its own policies. However, we are happy to link through to a number of travel insurance providers who offer solutions for a variety of situations, including those who travel with existing medical conditionsbackpackers and trip to specific destinations, and senior travelers.

Do you organize any additional attractions such as sightseeing?

Yes, we can help to organize any sightseeing you want for an additional cost. There's really a lot to choose from. Temples, handcrafts, museums, national parks etc. We provide any information you might need. Just take your pick!