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 More pictures of the house and surrounding coming soon

More pictures of the house and surrounding coming soon

Currently, we have up to 10 rooms for you to choose from, allocated on the 1st come 1st served basis.

5 of them are in the beautiful old (1934) colonial house, recently refurbished and fully equipped. The other 5 is located in the newly build modern house, all situated among a beautiful surrounding of palm and tree tops, along with the lush garden, private pool area and spacious yoga shala.

We practice sustainable living in harmony with environment. We use resources carefully and are mindful of the rhythm of nature. 

Our philosophy is:

  • we do not have AC

  • being inland, surrounded by leafy trees, fans adequately cool the rooms

  • we don’t use pool’s chemicals - water is sterilized simply with salt

  • hot water in the bathrooms is provided by solar panels

  • unless requested we do not change sheets each day; we believe that the planet is thankful if we reduce the use of detergents and water

  • we are connected to the national grid but we prefer to use natural light

  • we offer outdoor showers, screened for privacy, so that you may enjoy a most pleasurable experience surrounded by nature

  • without a TV and with fixed hours of wifi you are free to tune in to your inner self; don't worry, you will find please in the amazing surroundings and you want miss the modern distractions