Endless possibilities


Yoga Classes

To awaken spirits and minds we start with early sunrise yoga and meditation to channel the energy and prepare ourselves for yet another beautiful day. You can practice with us traditional yoga as much as yoga kundalini, acro-yoga or even yoga mandala.  

All our yogis are certified and highly experienced instructors who have spend lot of time traveling and practicing yoga around the world, to finally find the perfect spot here at theEarthlinks.

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100% Plant Based

We believe that a 100% plant based diet offers the very best to minds and bodies. That’s why at Earthlinks we serve and offer a vegan menu based on local ingredients. It will not only boost your energy and metabolism but will make you feel light throughout your stay. If you’d like to get a ‘taste’ of some of the delicious menu items, take a look at the menu of Cafe Bodhi, our beach-side vegan cafe where you’ll be able to enjoy lots of your meals.

If you feel like going vegan after all, please feel welcome to take part in the culinary workshops that we handle for free at Earthlinks. You will not only learn how easy it is to cook vegan but also get all the necessary knowledge regarding proper nutrition, ready to use recipes and weekly nutrition plans.


Surf for Life

Are you into surfing? We hope so! Spend hours enjoying Sri Lankans best surfing beaches and secret spots known only to some locals. If surfing was on your Bucket List this is the perfect occasion to give it a try.

During every stay we offer free surfing lessons held by Sri Lankan instructors – our closest friends and people to whom surfing is a lifetime philosophy. We provide all the necessary equipment and know-how so the only thing that you need to have is a desire and a mind wide open to the new opportunities.

Catch a breath, calm your thoughts, release and let go. Connect to the infinite pure energy of nature and take it in. Rest. Relax. Discover the overwhelming feeling of joy that builds inside you every time you switch off and reconnect with the source. 

Imagine a place located on the outskirts of the greenest parts of the Sri Lankan jungle. Somewhere in the middle of the forest, a spacious house with airy, soulful rooms. Birds singing in the background, and the sun trying to make its way through the greenery, lightly illuminating the interior. Every day spent here is yet another experience of freedom and enlightenment. Imagine, that's what you’ll be waking up to everyday. Sounds of nature as an ideal foundation for a day-long meditation, the jungle, palm leaves rubbing against each other, gentle gusts of wind, warm sand and ocean waves at the edge of endless beaches.
A perfect harmony with nature.


Choose life, spend time enjoying nature, clear your mind, relax on our common porch, read a book, play chess, enjoy workshops, do all the classes and finish your day with the perfect bedtime sequence of yoga and meditation to calm all your senses and give you a good night sleep for the next powerful day. Throughout the whole stay enjoy outdoor showers, freshly pressed juices and herbal teas from the region


Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest forms of medicine with a history rooted in the Indian subcontinent. We will please you with plant based Ayurvedic treatments using roots, leaves, fruits, bark or seeds such as cardamom and cinnamon. Let us personalize your stay with a menu of individual treatments in the privacy of your own room.

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