the Earthlinks team


Here at Earthlinks we want to surround you with people that are the best at what they do and whom we’ve grown to love over the years. We watched them evolve. Become better. We watched them become best teachers, guides and mentors. Our journey starts with the closest team of people, and we think you’ll agree that they’re all amazing once you get here!  anna yoga.jpeg jan yoga.jpg

Anna & Jan

These two entered the lives of Earthlinks by a lucky coincidence. Strolling on the beaches of Hikkaduwa, there they were just when we were looking for acro yoga teachers.

Anna is a full of life certified acro yoga teacher who loves her nomad lifestyle. She spent past few years teaching adults and kids in Bangalore, India. Her skills combined with a bubbly personality makes her a perfect and fun teacher to those that begin their journey with acro yoga. Anna & Jan are our acro masters whom you’ll meet on our longer 11 days retreats.



Super positive but challenging (in every sense of the word) yogi with almost 30 years of experience, which you won't believe by only looking at him. His routine will make all your insides smile, and you'll finish the retreat feeling accomplished, pushed beyond your limits but stretched beyond belief.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 4.04.47 PM.jpg adam yoga.jpg


For Adam, yoga is not about becoming a yogi. It's about listening to your body, deepening the contact with your physical form to find more subtle connections with your inner self. In world of emotions, in world of thoughts, in world of intuition. it's the joy of discovering what's there, what's inside. If you feel curious, let's start on the mat!...

Certificate: Yoga Alliance RYT500  kalu surf.jpg


Kalu has competed in most of the region’s pro surf championships always getting the highest scores. He has an ultra positive and happy mind ready to help at any time.  podaf surf.jpg


As an owner of a surfing school his knowledge of waves makes him one of the best teachers. Always attentive and supportive. With his help you will ride the waves in no time...  sumu surf.jpg


Sumudu is a born and raised true Sri Lankan surfer. His first attempts on the board go back to when he was still a baby.


And to introduce your future hosts…

Jack & Sandra

Their fate was sealed with just a couple of dates. First meeting in Prague, our second date in Sweden. It was always meant to be something more. A search for greatness. Adventure. Balance. A search for the perfect place. A place to call home. 

We have lived about 100 lives over the past years. Opening cafes, traveling around the world, buying land, designing and building a house, moving again, making race cars, creating hospitality concepts. Two people that can't seem to stand still for more than a minute.

And yet they found their peace in Sri lanka and decided to carry this peace in their hearts forever.

Bought the tickets. Found a home and opened it for all like minded people that sometimes need a reminder that a life well lived is the one that's shared, where you surround yourself with people you love, those that inspire you, where time runs at its own pace and moments are not rushed.

S: +94 77 279 3858
J: +94 76 402 6154

SAY HI ;-)