In the beginning, it started, far away from the blissful beaches of Hikkaduwa, back in Dubai. Head chef Sandra, a devoted vegan (and devoted foodie) was working long hours in the fast paced kitchens of some of the cities most high profile restaurants, dreaming of the beach, of the surf, of good times, and good food, served to happy, healthy customers. 

Having spent time in Hikkaduwa, building the Earthlinks retreat business and fast making some firm connections with local friends and travelers from all over the world, we recognized a deep need for something fresh on the culinary scene, something to satisfy cravings for tasty, healthy, all day feeds... and of course, refreshing cold drinks and damned good cups of cold brew coffee! The Bodhi concept was born. 

Then came the time to build. We found an old, disused surf club right by the water and in need of a lot of love and care, and we scrubbed, we painted, we designed a menu and spent lots of time and attention sourcing the freshest, organic produce available for our wonderful selection of tried, tested, and much loved recipes. We gathered a whip-smart team of friendly foodies to join the crew, and opened our doors to one and all with a riotous launch party which left everyone with happy tummies and smiling faces - even the dedicated meat eaters were 100% sold!

We're now proud to present to you Bodhi Cafe. Breakfasts, Lunches, All day snacks, all day cold brew coffees and beverages, Yoga classes, and all day good vibes!